Adds of the week (week 3)

Every week we will bring you our choices of who should be added to your teams at each position.  I will provide some analysis on one player from each category but don’t stress if you want a more in depth take make sure to download the podcast weekly!  We will make sure during our game […]

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Jessie’s Week 3 Rankings

QB 1. Aaron Rodgers 2. Drew Brees 3. Tom Brady 4. Cam Newton 5. Andrew Luck 6. Nick Foles 7. Matt Ryan 8. Peyton Manning 9. Jay Cutler 10. Phillip Rivers 11. Russell Wilson 12. Colin Kaepernick   RB 1. LeSean McCoy 2. Arian Foster 3. Matt Forte 4. Marshawn Lynch 5. Eddie Lacy 6. […]

Oh the things we say…

All three of us have made some pretty good calls over the last year. However, we all tend to have “memory” loss when it comes to our bad calls. Its amazing how a smart group of individuals can so quickly forget what they say when reputation is on the line. So with that in mind […]

Jessie’s 2014 Week 1 Rankings

QB’s 1. Peyton Manning 2. Drew Brees 3. Matthew Stafford 4. Nick Foles 5. Colin Kaepernick 6. Jay Cutler 7. Tom Brady 8. Aaron Rodgers 9. Andrew Luck 10. Russell Wilson 11. Robert Griffin III 12. Cam Newton RB’s 1. LeSean McCoy 2. Jamaal Charles 3. Adrian Peterson 4. Arian Foster 5. Matt Forte 6. […]

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